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Quote from Lane in Say Goodnight, Gracie

Lane: So, of course, I panicked. What does this mean? I mean, when I come home ten minutes late from bible study, she has a cow. But I call her drunk, tell her I'm at a party, I'm a drummer in a band, and I'm in love with a non-Korean... I expected there to be backup aunts, uncles, cousins pulled out from villages I've never heard of, but nothing.
Rory: I don't understand.
Lane: So I go upstairs to make sure everything's okay. I look in her room and she's in bed asleep.
Rory: No.
Lane: Then this morning, I get up, I go in the kitchen where she's making breakfast and I say, "Good morning, Mama."
Rory: And?
Lane: She turns around, looks right at me and says, "Good morning, Lane."
Rory: Really?
Lane: And those were the last words she's said to me all day.
Rory: So she's freezing you out?
Lane: No, it was more Stepford than cold. You know, very calm, very serene.

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