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Quote from Richard in Happy Birthday, Baby

Lorelai: Mom, Dad, look, I know we've had our differences over where Rory should go to school, but that's behind us now. She's going to Yale, and that's good. Really good.
Rory: Nothing but smiles.
Lorelai: We're both very happy about it.
Rory: Both.
Lorelai: Her and me.
Rory: She and I.
Lorelai: Everybody in this room named Lorelai is over the moon about the "going to Yale".
Rory: Which means that everybody else in this room not named Lorelai can be equally over the moon about the "going to Yale".
Richard: I'm getting the champagne.
Emily: I'm calling the Talbotts.
Richard: Oh, make sure you gloat over that dimwitted son of theirs who couldn't even get into Brown.
Emily: She's going to Yale!
Richard: She's going to Yale! [Richard and Emily kisses Rory] When I get back, I'll teach you the fight song.

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