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Quote from Lorelai in One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes

Lorelai: Now, this last one's a little more gory. I'm out hunting...
Rory: A favorite Lorelai Gilmore pastime.
Lorelai: And my shotgun backfires and my whole face spins around a bunch of times and winds up in the back of my head like Daffy Duck.
Rory: That's the silliest one yet.
Lorelai: Now, if that's how I go, you gotta promise to move my face back to the front of my head like Daffy did with his beak.
Rory: I should be writing this down.
Lorelai: You can remember to move my face to the front of my head.
Rory: It depends on what I have going on that week.

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