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Quote from Lane in One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes

Lorelai: And rehearsing in the music shop's been working out?
Lane: Perfectly. It's totally time efficient, being a thirty-second commute from my house. We practice for two hours, I'm home in time to watch reruns of Johnny Yune's talk show on Korean television with my mom, who thinks I hooked up with you guys – which I did, so I'm not even lying.
Lorelai: Well, you're kinda lying.
Lane: I'm fibbing, but a fib is not a lie.
Lorelai: I'd say it's a fib-slash-lie.
Lane: No, no, it's not a lie, and I can always tell ‘cause of the few times that I've out and out lied to my mother, I'd get this feeling in my gut like a wild animal was burrowing into it, and I'm not getting that.
Lorelai: Wild animals burrowing into my stomach – another one of my premonitions.
Rory: Pretty spooky.
Lane: I've gotta go. I'm single-handedly improving the reputation of drummers everywhere by being on time for every rehearsal. Thanks for the food.

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