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Quote from Lorelai in Application Anxiety

Lorelai: And nickname, if any.
Rory: That would be Rory.
Lorelai: Or Droopy Drawers.
Rory: That was never my nickname.
Lorelai: Wrong, I called you that as a baby.
Rory: What?
Lorelai: That's right. You had these little OshKosh cords and they were way too big and once at the mall, they fell right down to your knees and I said, "Whoa, there, Droopy Drawers!" and I'm just afraid if we don't answer everything accurately, the Harvard police will come and hit you with an atlas and say something mean in Latin.
Rory: How would they know that you called me Droopy Drawers?
Lorelai: Well, we could be at a Harvard event and I could slip up and say, "Pass me a lobster puff, Droopy Drawers," and they could hear me, and that'll be that.
Rory: How 'bout you don't drink at any of these Harvard events?

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