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Quote from Lorelai in Lost and Found

Lorelai: Well, I think I'm finally ready to get a tattoo.
Rory: Oh, please.
Lorelai: I am.
Rory: You've been saying that for the last five years.
Lorelai: But I mean it this time.
Rory: Fine. What are you getting?
Lorelai: Mel Brooks.
Rory: Why?
Lorelai: What do you mean "why"? The 2000 Year Old Man, Young Frankenstein, Silent Movie. Hasn't Mel has earned the right to have his face on my butt?
Rory: I am so sorry, Mel.
Lorelai: He'll love it. Trust me.
Lorelai: Rocky road hot fudge sundaes and two cans of whipped cream?
Rory: Trying to give Mel a bigger canvas to work with?
Lorelai: The man's a legend. He deserves the best.

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