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Quote from Lorelai in It Should've Been Lorelai

Rory: Not the Two Fat Ladies again.
Lorelai: Why not? They're brilliant.
Rory: Because it's a cooking show and you don't cook.
Lorelai: That might change.
Rory: Not a chance.
Lorelai: Probably not.
Rory: Plus, we've seen all of them, like, five times. They're all repeats.
Lorelai: Yeah, sadly, because one of the fat ladies met her maker.
Rory: Really? Which one?
Lorelai: The fat one.
Rory: Come on. The one on the motorcycle or the one in the sidecar?
Lorelai: See? It's fun just talking about the two fat ladies.
Rory: Can't we find other really fat people to watch?
Lorelai: That sounded really insensitive.

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