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Quote from Lane in Hammers and Veils

Lane: I'll be fast. Okay, here's my CDs, my posters, my books, three of my sweaters, and one Viva Glam lipstick. I need to leave them here while I'm in Korea because Mom is bound to search my room. And if she finds them, she'll throw them out and spend the summer praying for my soul.
Rory: I'll treat them like my own.
Lane: Okay. Now, this is the Lane Kim retrieval kit. It contains the phone number of my cousins in Korea, a map of the house I'll be staying at, a picture of me now and a mock-up of me in six months.
Rory: You lost some weight.
Lane: Now, this is that name of that guy at the American consulate and several Korean phrases written out phonetically. You know: "Help", "Have you seen this girl?", "Comes for money", et cetera.
Rory: Still no return date info from the parents?
Lane: Nope. But they did buy me a winter coat.

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