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Quote from Miss Patty in 'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous

Miss Patty: Oh, honey, calm down. Nothing's gonna happen to April. They just spell out that stuff for their legal protection. Whenever you're taking care of kids, that's a lot of liability. It's the same with my dance school.
Luke: And nothing bad ever happens?
Miss Patty: Nothing ever happens. Oh, except for that one time.
Luke: What one time?
Miss Patty: Well, I took my senior ballerinas to try out for a performance of The Nutcracker, and one of the girls pulled a Tonya Harding and knocked the front-runner for Clara out of the competition. Broke her leg in three places.
Luke: That is not nothing. That is the opposite of nothing.
Miss Patty: It's totally different. That was a much rougher crowd.
Luke: Rougher crowd? They're ballerinas.
Miss Patty: Oh, yeah. I know. Everyone thinks, "Ballerinas - so sweet, so fragile." Trust me, they're dancing on stress fractures and ingrown toenails, and they haven't eaten in weeks.

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