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Quote from Sookie in The Long Morrow

Sookie: Oh, I am a fantastic arm-wrestler. You know what I think did it? The whisking. All those years of whiskin has given me incredible forearm strength. People are always like, "Why take the time to hand-whip fresh cream? Why not use a machine?" And I've always been like, "I don't know why I do it. It's just something that I do." But now I know. Because I've been training for this very day. I mean, wow! I am strong. And the omelet flipping definitely is part of it. I mean, you know when you use one of those really heavy cast-iron skillets, and you flip, flip? I mean, that's all in the wrist, you know? And that's what they say. You know, that's what people say about arm-wrestling, too. That it's all in the wrist. And, man, I have super-bionic, super-powered, super wrists. I mean, who knew I possessed such...

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