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Quote from Rory in I'm OK, You're OK

Rory: I am getting three hot dogs tonight, and I'll tell you why. I have Bugsy Malone running through my head, especially the scene where Scott Baio buys Florrie Dugger a hot dog, and he offers her mustard with onions or ketchup without. So I started thinking, what would I like? Mustard with onions or ketchup without? And then suddenly, they both started to sound really good. But I usually get my hot dogs with ketchup and relish, and you don't just walk out on something that has served you so well for so long, so three hot dogs it is. So what do you think happened to Florrie Dugger, anyway?
Lorelai: Oh, she moved to Stars Hollow, and her mother harped on her hairstyle so much she jumped off a bridge.

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