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Quote from Michel in Always a Godmother, Never a God

Lorelai: Okay, room 5 just checked out, so let's give that to Jackson's sister Adele. Put Ccousin Rachel in room 3 and Aunt Pat and Uncle Rusty in room 6. Okay, that's two people in room 6. Aunt Pat and Uncle Rusty, they're gonna need two keys.
Michel: I gave them one. They can share. It's the least the freeloading hicks can do.
Lorelai: They're not freeloading hicks. They're our guests.
Michel: They are moochers. They go supermarket-hopping to gorge themselves on free samples and get their perfume from magazine inserts. You can recognize them from the paper cuts on their wrists.
Sookie: Oh, Jackson not here yet?
Michel: No, but his family's arrival is imminent, so I'm off to nail the furniture to the floor.

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