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Quote from Emily in Emily in Wonderland

Emily: Because when she was seven, I came downstairs and found her burning all of her baby pictures.
Rory: Why would you do that? I'm sure you were a cute baby.
Emily: She was very cute.
Lorelai: Four, three, two, one.
Emily: In most respects.
Lorelai: Then we have lift off.
Emily: What does that mean?
Lorelai: Nothing.
Emily: I don't see what the problem is. You certainly grew into it.
Rory: Grown into what?
Emily: As a child, your mother had an unusually large head.
Lorelai: The best thing about it was she'd tell me constantly. My first sentence was, "Big head want dolly."
Rory: I can't imagine it being that bad.
Emily: It wasn't. It just affected her balance a little...

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