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Quote from Lane in Emily in Wonderland

Lane: Well, it was a good message the first few times. Then I started parsing it for subtext.
Rory: What did he say?
Lane: He said, "Hey, Lane, it's Henry." Not a good start.
Rory: How do you figure?
Lane: It's so gender-neutral. It's how you start a conversation with a bowling pal.
Rory: He asked you bowling?
Lane: Then he said, "It was fun meeting you the other night."
Rory: What?
Lane: He didn't say which night, like he didn't remember which night. Like he's mixing me up with another girl from another night. For all I know, he thought he was calling the hot blonde he met at a hopped-up night at Balthazar's.
Rory: He's a 16-year-old Korean boy.
Lane: Or so he led me to believe.
Rory: What's the bottom line here?
Lane: The bottom line is that he wants me to call him back. But if I do that, then he's probably gonna ask me out on a date. And if we go on a date, then it could lead to another date. And then I'll have to introduce him to my parents. And once I do that they're going to like him because he's Korean and he's gonna be a doctor. And then once that happens, that's it. It'll be over. He'll be hideous to me. [sighs] Now I'm a Lou Reed gloomy.

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