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Quote from Paris in The Third Lorelai

Louise: I'll be the lady in waiting the one with that low-cut, blue-velvet Renaissance dress.
Paris: Lady in waiting is not a political office.
Louise: No, but they get all the sex.
Paris: What?
Louise: Watch a movie.
Paris: We are talking about government class. Not the movies. Why can't I get one person to care about this as much as I do?
Louise: Okay, fine. I'll be the head of the quarter sessions court but I'm still wearing the dress. Happy?
Paris: Out of my mind. Okay. I secured us the classroom to work tomorrow and Sunday so that by Monday, we'll be ready.
Madeline: We're working all weekend?
Louise: You're kidding.
Paris: Take this. It's an outline for the overall system. Point of methods, basic laws and penalties, plus some random ideas. Please be ready to discuss it tomorrow...
Madeline: Wow. She designed the flag.

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