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Quote from Lane in The Breakup, Part 2

Lane: I have a major problem.
Rory: What?
Lane: Henry, the guy I have been dancing with.
Rory: Yeah?
Lane: Okay, he's really good in school. He's gonna be a doctor. Pediatrician, to be exact. His parents are extremely involved in their local church. He himself helps out with Sunday school. He speaks Korean fluently, he respects his parents. And he's also really cute, very funny, and surprisingly interesting.
Rory: Lane, I'm sorry, but I'm totally failing to see the problem here.
Lane: I'm falling for a guy my parents would approve of! They'd love him! They'd go crazy! There'd be dancing in the Kim house! Dancing!
Rory: Really?
Lane: Followed by a lot of praying. But initially, there'd be dancing. This is horrible. It can't happen. I have to stop it. We need to go.

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