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Quote from Miss Patty in Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers

Miss Patty: This, boys and girls, is a story of true love. A beautiful girl from one county, a handsome boy from another. They meet, and they fall in love. Separated by distance and by parents who did not approve of the union, the young couple dreamed of the day that they could be together. They wrote each other beautiful letters, letters of longing and passion, letters full of promises and plans for the future. Soon, the separation proved too much for either one of them to bear. So, one night, cold and black with no light to guide them, they both snuck out of their homes and ran away as fast as they could. It was so dark out that they were both soon lost. And it seemed as if they would never find each other. Finally, the girl dropped to her knees, tears streaming down her lovely face. "Oh, my love, where are you? How will I find you?" Suddenly, a band of stars appeared in the sky. These stars shone so brightly, they lit up the entire countryside. The girl jumped to her feet and followed the path of the stars, until finally she found herself standing right where the town gazebo is today. And there waiting for her, was her one true love who had also been led here by the blanket of friendly stars. And that, my friends, is the story of how Stars Hollow came to be and why we celebrate that fateful night every year at about this time. Now, we still have a little time left in our story hour. Who wants to hear about the time I danced in a cage for Tito Puente?
Kids: Me.
Miss Patty: It was the summer of '66.

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