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Quote from Lane in In the Clamor and the Clangor

Lane: Oh, I will get there. As we speak, I am working on the perfect alibi.
Rory: Oh, what do ya got so far?
Lane: "Mama, may I run something past you?" That's it.
Rory: I like it.
Lane: Yeah, so I was originally gonna start with "Can I run something past you," but I thought the may I added a certain level of respect.
Rory: I agree. However, you now need to add an excuse.
Lane: I've come up with lots of, you know, mid-afternoon and evening alibis, but so far no 1:00 AM alibis.
Rory: You can always tell your Mom that you're sleeping over at my dorm.
Lane: She knows they're co-ed. By the way, she's praying for you.

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