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Quote from Paris in The Lorelais' First Day at Yale

Paris: Remember my nanny? I lost her over the summer.
Rory: I'm sorry, what happened?
Paris: She opened a pupuseria in Boise.
Rory: So she's okay?
Paris: Yeah, but I was pretty lost. Then my rabbi conferred with my therapist who said a hypnotist he knew thought a life coach would be right for me, and that led me to Terrence. He's here to assist me with whatever I need assistance in, from wardrobe to diet to finding me a kick-ass gynecologist.
Rory: That's great, Paris, really.
Paris: He's done so much for my people skills. I can cope with the little annoyances now. [to Tana] For instance, the old Paris would've been bothered by your penchant to hover. It would've made her wanna ring your neck until your eyeballs popped out.
Tana: Oh.
Paris: But now, I accept it because I can't control everything. Paris Gellar.

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