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Quote from Emily in Forgiveness and Stuff

Richard: Now, all of our stock information is in there. Plus all of the insurance information.
Emily: Now, if I could just find you some different sheets.
Richard: Our will is in my lower left drawer. Dennis has a copy if there's a problem.
Emily: Maybe I could get Dava to bring some from home.
Richard: Emily, this is serious. We have to be practical.
Emily: I'm gonna have Dava get those sheets.
Richard: Emily, listen to me. If I die-
Emily: No! Richard Gilmore, there may be many things happening in this hospital but your dying is not one of them.
Richard: But-
Emily: No! I did not sign on to your dying, and it is not going to happen. Not tonight, not for a very long time. In fact, I demand to go first. Do I make myself clear?
Richard: Yes, Emily. You may go first.
Emily: Good. I'm gonna get you those sheets. [Richard holds Emily's hand]

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