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Quote from Lorelai in Rory's Birthday Parties

Lorelai: I think you're a great, cool kid, and the best friend a girl could have.
Rory: Back at you.
Lorelai: And it's so hard to believe that at exactly this time many moons ago, I was lying in exactly the same position...
Rory: Oh, boy, here we go.
Lorelai: Only I had a huge, fat stomach, and big, fat ankles. And I was swearing like a sailor-
Rory: On leave.
Lorelai: On leave, right. And there I was-
Rory: In labor.
Lorelai: And while some have called it the most meaningful experience of your life, to me it was something more akin to doing the splits on a crate of dynamite.
Rory: I wonder if the Waltons ever did this.
Lorelai: And I was screaming and swearing and being surrounded as I was by a hundred prominent doctors, I just assumed there was an actual use for the cup of ice chips they gave me.
Rory: There wasn't.
Lorelai: But pelting the nurses sure was fun.
Rory: I love you, Mom.
Lorelai: Ssh. We're getting to the part where he sees your head. So there I was, lying...

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