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Quote from Lorelai in One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes

Lane: Okay, thinking about something else, something else. Thinking about puppy dogs. Thinking about getting things in the mail. I love getting things in the mail, letters and packages.
Rory: Got a package.
Lane: What's that?
Rory: Oh, Jim Carrey says that in Ace Ventura.
Lane: Good distraction. Still thinking... thinking about world events, lots going on there. Thinking about the last movie I saw. Vin Diesel was in it. Thinking about Vin Diesel now. Thinking about where Vin Diesel got the name Vin Diesel. Thinking about Vin Diesel's mysterious ethnicity. Thinking about how surprising it is to have so much to think about with Vin Diesel. Who knew, who knew? Okay, now I'm just thinking about the pain, we're into pain here.
Rory: Back to Vin Diesel.
Lane: I've exhausted Vin Diesel, but the pain, that's not exhausted!

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