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Quote from Lorelai in Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days

Lorelai: This is the second time I let myself do this.
Luke: Do what?
Lorelai: Think I finally found it.
Luke: Found what?
Lorelai: Love, comfort, safety. I mean, first with Max, which of course, I screwed up, and then with Christopher, which of course, all the elements of the universe got together to screw up.
Luke: Yup, it's tough when the universe is against you. That's like taking on the Manhattan garbage union.
Lorelai: I always thought if he could just get it together, grow up... maybe we could do it. Maybe we could really be a family, in the stupid, traditional, Dan Quayle, golden retriever, grow old together, wear matching jogging suits kind of way. And then he did get it together, he became that guy... [sobs] and he gets to be that guy with her. Chris is gonna have a baby with his girlfriend. He's gonna marry her... and he's gonna be there for her while she's pregnant and he's gonna be there with her while her child grows up, and he's gonna be there for her while she does... whatever it is she does. And I am in exactly the same place that I was in before.
Luke: Is that so bad? I mean, you got Rory.
Lorelai: Yes, I do.
Luke: You got friends, you got a house, a job, apparently an iron stomach.
Lorelai: No, it's not so bad. I'm lucky, I know. I just... I feel like I'm never gonna have it... the whole package, you know? That person, that couple life, and I swear, I hate admitting it because I fancy myself Wonder Woman, but... I really want it... the whole package.

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