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Quote from Paris in Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy

Paris: Okay, so we were just finishing up handing out the first assignments. Rory, unfortunately, since you got here so late everything of interest has been given out.
Rory: Why, I'm shocked.
Paris: Wait. Wait, just let me check my list here. There might be something left for you. Okay, well, here. They're paving the new parking lot tomorrow.
Rory: And?
Paris: You can cover it.
Rory: Cover what?
Paris: The paving process.
Rory: You're serious?
Paris: Absolutely. I'm sure there's an angle somewhere. "Is it environmentally safe?" "What are the financial ramifications?" "Should brick have been considered, especially taking into account the architecture of the building?"
Rory: Yeah, yeah, I get the idea.

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