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Quote from Lorelai in That Damn Donna Reed

Richard: Well, what is so interesting about Europe in the spring?
Lorelai: Spring vegetables.
Emily: You want us to go to Europe to eat a vegetable?
Lorelai: No, I don't know, Mom. There's all kinds of stuff. There's festivals and, you know, Europe.
Emily: In the fall.
Richard: It costs a fortune to travel first-class in Europe. We only do it every two years.
Emily: In the fall.
Richard: It's just not in the budget this year.
Lorelai: You don't have to fly first class. [Richard and Emily are stunned into silence] 'Cause there's always coach. Or business class is slightly less. There's deals on the Internet. [Richard and Emily exchange a look] Hmm. Pass the potatoes.
Rory: You got it.

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