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Quote from Lorelai in To Whom It May Concern

Christopher: I thought for sure your mom saw me put mine in here.
Lorelai: How could so tiny a quail have such a big, awful taste?
Rory: I think the sauce burned through my napkin.
Christopher: And now we just throw it in the bushes?
Rory: No!
Lorelai: We tried that before.
Rory: The chicken Kiev. And the baklava, too.
Lorelai: Yeah. The neighbor's cat found it and dragged it to the back patio. So busted.
Christopher: How do we get rid of it?
Lorelai: We take it with us in the car.
Rory: And we give it the old heave-ho over Tyler's bridge.
Lorelai: Got to make sure we get every piece in the water, though.
Rory: Oh yeah. One stray piece of quail Mazatlan, and Grandma will have the river dredged.
Lorelai: We need something to weigh them down. Hey, how attached are you to that watch?

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