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Quote from Lorelai in Introducing Lorelai Planetarium

Lorelai: Oh, my god, you dirty thief.
Christopher: Excuse me?
Lorelai: You stinking, lying, stinking, ratty, dirty thief! What? This is my Police "Synchronicity" t-shirt. I have been missing this for 22 years! I asked you if you had it! I looked you right in the face, and you denied it!
Christopher: I lied.
Lorelai: Oh, you lied! You lied! Do you know how long I looked for this?! Days and days! And then I accused my mother of throwing it out, and she said she didn't, and... Oh, my God, I hated her. Oh my God, I could have had the best relationship with my mother if you hadn't stolen my shirt. Well, keep laughing, buddy, because, I'll tell you, the laugh's on you now. You better get used to seeing this shirt, because I have to make up for 22 years.

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