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Quote from Kirk in 'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous

Kirk: Mom's been incredibly possessive lately, as has Lulu, and it's very tense. I noticed they were beginning to snipe at each other, but I figured it was a friendly competition I could work to my advantage, you know? When you've got two women making you sherry cobbler, you're likely to end up with some pretty good cobbler.
Luke: Basic capitalism.
Kirk: That's not how they see it. Oh, no. Apparently, it's Mom's cobbler or Lulu's cobbler. I've got to choose.
Luke: Are you gonna order something?
Kirk: I'd love to order something. I'm starving. But what should I get? Lulu would want me to get something hip, like a bagel.
Luke: Hip?
Kirk: But Mom would say a growing boy needs something more substantial, like pancakes.
Luke: Well, neither of them are here, so what do you want?
Kirk: I don't know! Bagel, pancakes, bagel, pancakes... It's like their voices are blocking out my voice, and I don't know what I think anymore. I'll have a bagel and pancakes, I guess.
Luke: Yeah, what kind of bagel?
Kirk: Lulu would kill me if I got the onion, you know, 'cause of all the kissing... And Mom would freak over the poppy seed 'cause she thinks poppies are a gateway drug.
Luke: What about... [a waiter returns a bagel to Luke] egg? Egg, it is.

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