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Quote from Michel in Driving Miss Gilmore

Lorelai: Please stop that, Michel.
Michel: Oh, I cannot. I cannot stop this for a very, very long time. I buy milk from the organic dairy down the way. The nonfat milk has a blue top. Blue. Today, I find out that they have accidentally been putting red tops on the nonfat milk and blue on the 2%. 2%! For the last two weeks, I have been drinking 2% milk in my coffee every single day.
Lorelai: Insert gasp here.
Michel: That's two full weeks of two cups of coffee a day. It used to be one cup, but then, suddenly, the coffee started tasting so good, I added an afternoon jolt, and now I find out I've been consuming an extra billion calories a week.
Lorelai: At least it hasn't affected your ability to do math. Isn't this bouncing bothering you?
Sookie: It was, but now it's kind of like having a Beyonce video on.
Michel: Now I have to burn off all these calories and I have to deal with 2%-fat-milk withdrawal.
Lorelai: Michel, why didn't you just look on the bottle?
Michel: Oh, you just know everything, don't you, you little miss I-know-everything?

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