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Quote from Lorelai in Super Cool Party People

Lorelai: I forgot how much fun it could be just to put makeup on. It's become so pragmatic, such drudgery. It's like all we use it for now is to look better.
Sookie: And why would the two of us ever need to look better?
Lorelai: Exactly. Whatever happened to the questionably attractive glories of Wet 'n' Wild blue eye shadow or crimping irons?
Sookie: Remember Sun-In and Aqua Net and Bonne Bell lip smackers? I used to love Bonne Bell lip smackers.
Lorelai: Well, who doesn't love a lip gloss that doubles as a necklace? And they smelled so great.
Sookie: Except once, I had the chocolate-fudge-flavored one, and in study hall, Trevor Fink ate the whole thing, and then he threw it up all over my copy of The Red Badge of Courage.
Lorelai: Well, we all had a Trevor Fink in our lives.

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