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The One Without the Ski Trip

‘The One Without the Ski Trip’

Season 3, Episode 17 -  Aired March 6, 1997

As Ross and Rachel struggle to be in the same room as each other, their friends are forced to split their time between them. Rachel decides to take her friends away for a ski weekend.

Quote from Ross

Carol: Phoebe, hang on a second. Take my car. Get your friends.
Ross: No, I won't pick them up.
Carol: Listen, we both know you'll do it, because you're not a jerk. Okay. So you can either sulk here for half an hour and then go pick them up, or save us both time and sulk in the car.
Ross: Rachel doesn't want me-
Carol: I'm sorry Rachel dumped you for Mark and you're the innocent victim in all of this. But don't punish your friends for what Rachel did.
Ross: Yeah, you're right.
Carol: Phoebe, hang on. Ross wants to say something. What? You slept with someone else?
Ross: We were on a break!


Quote from Joey

Joey: Okay, done!
Monica: What's "pleh"?
Joey: That's "help" spelled backwards so that the helicopters can read it from the air.
Monica: Ha. What's "dufus" spelled backwards?

Quote from Rachel

Ross: You're welcome.
Rachel: I'm sorry. Were you speaking to me, or sleeping with someone else?
Ross: We were on a break!
Rachel: You know, Ross, why don't you just put that on your answering machine?

Quote from Chandler

Chandler: Great. With my luck, that's him.
Phoebe: Him? Ross?
Chandler: No, "Hymn" 253: "His Eyes Are on the Sparrow." When my parents got divorced is when I started using humor as a defense mechanism.

Quote from Joey

Joey: Can I see the comics?
Chandler: This is the New York Times.
Joey: Okay, may I see the comics?

Quote from Phoebe

Joey: Anyway, her and Ross just started yelling at each other.
Phoebe: Wait. Why was he yelling at her? He's the one who slept with someone else.
Joey: Well, I guess he says that because they were on a break when it happened she should've forgiven him by now.
Phoebe: Oh, he is so unreasonable. God. Although I think understand what he means. Oh, my God, this is like 60 Minutes... Okay, you know, when at first you're really mad at that pharmaceutical company for making the drug. And then, you just feel bad for the people, because they needed to make their hair grow.

Quote from Monica

Chandler: Maybe it's gonna be okay. I mean, it's been a week.
Joey: Yeah, it's never taken me more than a week to get over a relationship.
Monica: It's never taken you more than a shower to get over a relationship.

Quote from Rachel

Monica: Let's go. Let's hit the road. Let's get the show on it.
Rachel: Okay, just let me get coffee.
Monica: Oh, I know the best coffeehouse and it's so close.
Rachel: Closer than here?

Quote from Phoebe

Phoebe: "Uh, Rachel, I'm really sorry." "Okay, Ross. Wanna get back together?" "Yeah, okay." Did anyone else hear that?

Quote from Joey

Joey: Rach, it's not that we don't want to. Really. Are we talking models in their underwear?
Rachel: And heels.

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