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Friends: The One with the Soap Opera Party

920. The One with the Soap Opera Party

Aired April 24, 2003

Joey hosts a party for his soap opera co-stars and tries to keep it from his friends. Meanwhile, Ross is delighted to meet a stunning paleontology professor.

Quote from Rachel

Rachel: Listen, you know what, I'm not feeling really well and I don't think I'm gonna get to go to the play.
Ross: Really? What's wrong?
Rachel: I don't know. I think it's kind of serious. You know, I was watching this thing on TV this morning about Newcastle disease, and I think I might have it.
Charlie: Newcastle disease is a secretion-borne virus that only affects chickens and other poultry.
Rachel: Okay, who's this?
Ross: I'm sorry. Rachel, this is Charlie Wheeler. She's a colleague.
Rachel: Oh, hi. Well, I would shake your hand but I'm sure you don't want to get my chicken disease.


Quote from Monica

Monica: Is he gonna introduce us?
Chandler: I think we're just blurry shapes to him now.
Charlie: By the way, I really enjoyed your paper on the connection between geographic isolation and rapid mutagenesis.
Ross: Oh. I wrote that in one night.
Monica: Twenty bucks says they're married within the month.

Quote from Phoebe

Ross: Oh, hey, you guys, this is Charlie. Charlie, this is Phoebe and my sister, Monica.
Charlie: Hi.
Ross: Yeah, Charlie is going to be joining my department.
Phoebe: Oh. You're a paleontologist too?
Charlie: Yeah.
Phoebe: Oh, okay. Now, what do you think of Renyard's new theory of species variegation in segmented arthropods?
Charlie: Well, I think he's a little out there, but he does have some interesting ideas. Oh, I'm sorry. I have to take this. Excuse me.
Ross: Renyard's theory of species variegation?
Phoebe: Yeah, I saw the article on your coffee table. I memorized the title to freak you out.

Quote from Joey

Joey: Let me see if I approve of any of these clowns. This guy wears a rug. This guy's Canadian. Oh, and this guy is in a cult, okay? It'll cost you $5000 to get to level three, and I don't feel any different.

Quote from Chandler

Ross: You guys won't believe what I have to do for work today.
Chandler: Yes, but, Ross, you chose a career of talking about dinosaurs.

Quote from Ross

Ross: Well, we should probably get going. We've got a lot of ground to cover.
Charlie: Isn't another professor supposed to come with us?
Ross: I don't think so.
Charlie: I'm pretty sure. A Professor Spafford from Cornell?
Ross: Well, he's obviously late, and the rule in my class is: If you can't come on time, then don't come at all. An option that many of my students use.

Quote from Joey

Rachel: You are having a party tonight?
Joey: I'm kind of having a thing for the "Days of Our Lives" people.
Rachel: And you weren't gonna tell us? How did you think you'd get away with that?
Joey: I do it every year.
Rachel: You do that every year?
Joey: I didn't have to tell you that. God, I'm stupider than Jan Rogers!

Quote from Ross

Charlie: Let's ditch him.
Ross: What?
Charlie: Come on. While he's still in the bathroom. I am begging you.
Ross: Okay. Okay, fine, but I just have one question for you. When we exit, should we walk or run or prance or stroll?
Charlie: Stop it! Stop it! He talks slow, but he might pee fast. Okay, let's move.

Quote from Rachel

Rachel: Okay. Joey is having a secret "Days of Our Lives" party up on the roof. And he sent you guys to the play to get rid of you.
Monica: What?!
Ross: What? What's going on?
Monica: Joey is having a secret "Days of Our Lives" party up on the roof.
Rachel: And- And he didn't want you guys to know about it, but I came over here to tell you.
Charlie: I thought you came to say you were sick.
Rachel: All right, professor or detective?

Quote from Phoebe

Phoebe: Wait, Joey's having a party, and he wasn't gonna invite us?
Rachel: Yeah. He does it every year. That's why he's sending you to the play. That's why he sent us to that medieval restaurant and to that button factory.
Phoebe: And that horrible museum tour?
Ross: No, I arranged that.

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