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Friends: The One with the Dozen Lasagnas

112. The One with the Dozen Lasagnas

Aired January 12, 1995

Monica struggles to give away lasagnas after she bakes twelve of them for her aunt, only to find out she's a vegetarian. Meanwhile, Ross is determined not to find out the sex of his baby, even though everyone else knows, and Phoebe is horrified when Paulo makes a pass at her.

Quote from Chandler

Joey: Ross, did you really read all these baby books?
Ross: Yep. You could plunk me down in the middle of any woman's uterus, no compass, and I could find my way out of there like that!
Phoebe: Ooh, this is cool. It says in some parts of the world people actually eat the placenta.
Chandler: And we're done with the yogurt.


Quote from Ross

Carol:The sex of the baby, Ross.
Ross: Oh. You know the sex of the baby?
Carol: So, do you want to know?
Ross: No. I don't want to know. Absolutely not. You shouldn't know until you look down there and see, "Oh, there it is." Or isn't.

Quote from Chandler

Chandler: Okay, so just because it was my table, I have to buy a new one?
Joey: That's the rule.
Chandler: What rule? There's no rule. if anything, you owe me a table.
Joey: How did you get there?
Chandler: Well, I believe this piece of furniture was fine until your little breakfast adventure with Angela Delveccio.
Joey: You knew about that?
Chandler: Well, let's just say the impressions you made in the butter left little to the imagination.

Quote from Joey

Rachel: I can't believe you don't wanna know. I couldn't not know. If the doctor knows, Carol and Susan knows-
Monica: And Monica knows.
Ross: How could you know? I don't even know.
Monica: Carol called to thank me for the lasagna. I asked. She told me.
Joey: So what's it gonna be? [Monica whispers in Joey's ear.]
Ross: Oh, great! Now he knows.
Monica: I'm sorry. l'm just excited about being an aunt.
Joey: Or an uncle!

Quote from Phoebe

Phoebe: And all of a sudden, his hands weren't the problem anymore.
Monica: Was it..?
Phoebe: Oh, Boy Scouts could've camped under there.

Quote from Joey

Chandler: Fine. What about the birds?
Joey: I don't know. Birds just don't say, "Hello, sit here. Eat something."

Quote from Phoebe

Rachel: Why have I never tasted these before?
Phoebe: Oh, I don't make them a lot, because I don't think it's fair to the other cookies.
Rachel: God. Well, you're right. These are the best oatmeal raisin cookies that I've ever had.
Phoebe: Which proves that I never lie.
Rachel: I guess you don't.

Quote from Rachel

Rachel: I mean, we are way past the "fling" thing. I'm feeling things that I've only read about in Danielle Steel books.

Quote from Joey

Joey: Hey, Ross, listen. Do you know that right now your baby is only this big? This is your baby." [holding two fingers a couple of inches apart, moving them as he talks] "Hi, Daddy."
Ross: Hello.
Joey: "How come you don't live with Mommy? How come Mommy lives with that other lady? What's a lesbian?"

Quote from Carol

Carol: Don't you wanna know about the sex?
Ross: The sex? I'm having enough trouble with the image of you and Susan together. But when you throw in Tanya.
Carol: The sex of the baby, Ross.

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