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Friends: The One with the Dollhouse

320. The One with the Dollhouse

Aired April 3, 1997

When Monica is left an antique doll house by a late relative, she doesn't appreciate Phoebe's unique style of play. Meanwhile, Rachel sets Chandler up on a date with her boss, and Joey's infatuation with Kate grows.

Quote from Phoebe

Phoebe: All right, did everyone get out okay?
Monica: Well, the giraffe's okay, and so is the pirate.
Phoebe: What's this?
Ross: No, Phoebe, don't look. You don't want to see what's under there.
Phoebe: The foster puppets.


Quote from Chandler

Chandler: I'm sorry I said I was going to when I'm not. This has nothing to do with you. And this isn't Rachel's fault. It's me. I have serious problems when it comes to women. I have issues with commitment, intimacy ... mascara goop. I'm really sorry.

Quote from Joey

Joey: Hello, Jennifer? Hi, Mrs. Laurio. Is Jennifer there? She's not home, huh? Actually I kind of need to talk to you too.

Quote from Ross

Ross: You know, if you wanna make the boys' bathroom realistic you're gonna have to put some teeny, tiny porno magazines behind the toilet.

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