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Friends: The One with the Apothecary Table

611. The One with the Apothecary Table

Aired January 6, 2000

Joey is put in a difficult position when his girlfriend Janine admits she doesn't like Chandler and Monica. Meanwhile, Rachel buys an apothecary table and hides its true origins from Phoebe, who despises mass-produced furniture.

Quote from Rachel

Phoebe: Well, what period is it from?
Rachel: Uh, it's from yore. Like, the "days of yore," you know?
Phoebe: Yes, I do.


Quote from Monica

Chandler: Okay, one more time.
Monica: Chandler, would you like some more orange juice?
Chandler: Perfect decibel.
Monica: I know!

Quote from Rachel

Phoebe: Another amazing find. I bet this has a great story too.
Rachel: It does. It is a room-separating apparatus from Colonial times.
Ross: Huh. A lot of this stuff is from the Colonial times. Hey, what are some other time periods, Rachel?
Rachel: Well, there's yore. And, you know, yesteryear.

Quote from Phoebe

Phoebe: Hey, cool sheet.
Ross: You like it? You want to know where I got it?
Phoebe: Sure.
Rachel: He got it at a flea market.
Phoebe: You buy your sheets at a flea market? Ross, come on, you gotta loosen the purse strings a little.

Quote from Chandler

Chandler: And I'm blah? Listen, the only thing that's more boring than watching modern dance is having to listen to you talk about it. [mimicking Janine] "Oh, Chandler, I just lost myself in the movement!"

Quote from Joey

Joey: I really helped you out in the start of your relationship. I helped you sneak around for six months. I looked like an idiot. And I was humiliated. And I only made $200.
Monica: We didn't give you any money. [Chandler signalling to Joey]
Joey: You don't think I know that?

Quote from Joey

Joey: Have you kissed her yet? It's awesome. I could do it forever. You know what? She kisses better than my mom cooks.
Monica: I am so glad you said "cooks."
Rachel: Right?

Quote from Phoebe

Phoebe: I bet it has a great story too. Did they tell you where it's from or-
Rachel: Yes, that I know. This is from White Plains.
Phoebe: [gasps] White Plains. Ooh, it sounds like such a magical place.

Quote from Rachel

Rachel: It's an apothecary table. Does anyone even know what an apothecary is?
Chandler: A pharmacist.
Rachel: "A pharmacist."

Quote from Rachel

Rachel: Phoebe hates Pottery Barn?
Monica: Yeah, she hates mass-produced stuff. She thinks all her furniture should have a story behind it.
Rachel: Well, this has a story behind it. I mean, they had to ship it all the way from the White Plains store.

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