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Friends: The One Where Ross Is Fine

1002. The One Where Ross Is Fine

Aired October 2, 2003

Rachel and Joey spend an uncomfortable evening with Ross and Charlie as he insists he is fine with their relationship. Meanwhile, Monica and Chandler talk to a couple who adopted a child, and Phoebe hangs out with her brother, Frank Jr., and his triplets.

Quote from Chandler

Monica: Hey, Pheebs.
Phoebe: Hey.
Monica: We just want to give you a heads up. Bill and Colleen hate us.
Chandler: Owen didn't know he's adopted and Monica told him.
Monica: What?
Phoebe: Still, he had to find out sometime.
Chandler: Yeah, but how would you like it if someone told the triplets that you gave birth to them? [the triplets look at Chandler] I'm gonna go tell Emma she was an accident.


Quote from Rachel

Charlie: God, Rachel, what Ross just said, that's just-
Rachel: Oh, that's okay. Girls tend not to like me.

Quote from Monica

Colleen: Well, actually, I think this might help. It's pretty much all the information you need.
Monica: Oh, my God.
Colleen: Everything is broken into categories, then cross-referenced. And then color-coded to correspond with the forms in the back.
Monica: Thank you. I think I just had a tiny orgasm.

Quote from Chandler

Chandler: Hey, you must be Owen.
Owen: Yeah.
Chandler: I'm Chandler. Hey, I was in the Scouts too.
Owen: You were?
Chandler: In fact, my father was a den mother.
Owen: Huh?
Chandler: You know how to use a compass?
Owen: I have a badge in it.
Chandler: You do? That's fantastic.
Owen: You want to see it?
Chandler: I'd love to, but I gotta get back to your parents. They're telling us all about how they adopted you.
Owen: What?
Chandler: What?
Owen: I'm adopted?
Chandler: I got nothing.

Quote from Ross

Ross: Fajitas! Be careful! Very hot plate! Very hot!
Rachel: Ross, you don't even have oven mitts on.
Ross: [laughs] That is gonna hurt tomorrow.

Quote from Ross

Ross: I'm not saying I wasn't a little surprised to see you guys kissing. I mean, at first I was like: [screams] But now that I've had time to absorb it- Loving this.
Joey: Ross-
Ross: It's all working out. Me and Charlie. And you two. You know what we should do?
Rachel: Calm ourselves?
Ross: No. We should all have dinner. Yes, we'll do it tomorrow night. I'll cook!
Joey: Look, don't you think that would be a little weird?
Ross: Weird? What? What's weird? The only thing weird would be if someone didn't like Mexican food because I'm making fajitas!

Quote from Ross

Charlie: Gosh, Ross, you know, you seem a little-
Ross: What? Fine? Because I am. Aren't you? Aren't you? Aren't? You see? Who else is fine?

Quote from Joey

Ross: Oh, God, this is fun, isn't it? You know, just the four of us. Just hanging.
Joey: Dude, are you okay? And when are the fajitas gonna be ready?

Quote from Ross

Rachel: Ross, this is not how we wanted you to find out about this. You have every right to go nuts.
Ross: I'm not going nuts. Do you see me going nuts?
Rachel: No, but you know what I mean.
Ross: Hey, hey, hey. If you two are happy then I'm happy for you. I'm fine.
Joey: Really?
Ross: Absolutely. I'm fine. Totally fine. I don't know why it's coming out all loud and squeaky because, really, I'm fine.

Quote from Joey

Joey: I do like fajitas.

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