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The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance

‘The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance’

Season 6, Episode 4 - Aired October 14, 1999

After Joey injures himself just as his health insurance lapses, he is forced to take an acting job while in agony. Meanwhile, Ross begins teaching a class at NYU and adopts an English accent to impress his students, and Rachel discovers Ross's secret.

Quote from Joey

Joey: Dude, Hernia operations cost like ... a lot probably. Okay? Besides, it's getting darker and more painful. That means it's healing.


Quote from Monica

Ross: Look, I really need some help, okay? Why? Why did I have to speak in a British accent? What do I do?
Monica: Well, why don't you phase it out? Yeah, just phase the accent out. People will think you're just adjusting to life in America.
Rachel: Yeah, I mean come on, Ross. No one will even notice. I mean, they're probably not even listening to you.
Ross: They're not listening to me?
Rachel: Of course they're listening to you. Everybody listens to you.
Ross: Monica, you really think I should try this phasing-out thing?
Monica: I think you look fine.

Quote from Chandler

Chandler: Listen, I'm really glad you got the part. But are you sure you can do this?
Joey: Yeah. And, hey, thanks for coming with me. And thanks again for helping me take a shower.
Chandler: Now, is that "never talking about it again"?

Quote from Joey

Director: We're ready for you. This is Alex. He'll be playing your son.
Joey: Hi, Alex. And as you can see, my hands are not in my pants.
Director: Okay.

Quote from Joey

Joey: Take good care of your mama, son. Take good care of your mama, son. Come on, son. Your mama's good people.

Quote from Chandler

Director: Let's try this again. You ready, Joe?
Joey: One thing, is it all right with you if I scream right up until you say, "Action"?
Director: Sure.
Joey: [screaming]
Director: Action.
Joey: Take good care of your mama, son.

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