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The One Where Joey Dates Rachel

‘The One Where Joey Dates Rachel’

Season 8, Episode 12 - Aired January 10, 2002

When Rachel bemoans the fact that she can't date now that she's pregnant, Joey takes her out for the night. Meanwhile, Phoebe gives Monica and Chandler a Ms. Pac-Man arcade game, and Ross is given another class to teach at the university.

Quote from Monica

Phoebe: So do you really like it?
Monica: Are you kidding? I practically spent my entire childhood at the arcade. This was like my second favorite game.
Phoebe: Oh, really. What was your first?
Monica: I don't remember the name.
Chandler: Well, what did it do?
Monica: Well, you'd put a quarter in, pull some handles and you'd win, like, a candy bar or something.
Chandler: A vending machine?
Monica: Hey. Don't feel bad for me. I won every time!


Quote from Rachel

Rachel: I am not gonna answer that.
Joey: Oh, come on. Just pick one. Between Monica, Phoebe, Chandler and Ross if you had to, if you had to, who would you punch?
Rachel: No one. They are my friends. I wouldn't punch any of them.
Joey: Chandler?
Rachel: Yeah, but I don't know why.

Quote from Ross

Rachel: You were fifty minutes late to the class? What did you crawl there?
Ross: No, I ran, okay? It's really far. And when did people stop understanding the phrase "Get the hell out of my way"?
Rachel: Well, why didn't you just you take a cab?
Ross: Ugh. Between the traffic that time of day and all the one-way streets, it'd take me twice as long. Besides, I teach the class three times a week. Who am I, Rockefeller?

Quote from Joey

Rachel: I thought you were in your room.
Joey: I'm picking you up for our date. These are for you.
Rachel: Oh. Lilies. They're my favorite. Thank you.
Joey: And a brownie. Well, half a brownie. Actually, it's just a bag. It's a long walk from the flower shop and I was starting to feel faint.

Quote from Joey

Joey: Hey, come on. This is a real date. So nice place you got here. Foosball, huh? Pizza box.
Oh, a subscription to "Playboy." My kind of woman.
Rachel: Yeah, actually, that's my roommate's.
Joey: I would like to meet him. He sounds like a standup guy.
Rachel: Ah, yes, but he's very protective of me, so you'd better watch yourself.
Joey: Hey, so this roommate of yours, is he good-looking? Yeah, must be tough to keep your hands off him.
Rachel: Yeah, but I'm pretty sure he's gay.
Joey: No. No, he's not. Why are you trying to ruin the game? Come on.

Quote from Joey

Rachel: Now, the filet mignon, what comes with that?
Waitress: There's a side of steamed vegetables.
Rachel: Mmm. Now, instead of the vegetables is there any way that I could substitute the three-pound lobster?
Joey: You know what? Bring her both. And I'll have the same.

Quote from Joey

Rachel: Wow, so I get to see what Joey Tribbiani is like on a date. So do you have any moves?
Joey: No. No, I'm just myself, and if they don't like me for I'm sorry, I couldn't even get through that.
Rachel: I knew it. I knew it. Come on, tell me your moves.
Joey: All right. Well, I usually start by having a bottle of wine sent to my table from a fan.
Rachel: Oh, my God. And that works?
Joey: Well it does if you combine it with, "This is so embarrassing. I just want to have a normal life."
Rachel: Aww, you poor little famous man.
Joey: Okay, how about this one? I was gonna wait until the end of the night to kiss you but you're just so beautiful, I don't think I can.
Rachel: Oh, my God. Wow, that was fantastic. I almost leaned in. I really almost did.

Quote from Rachel

Joey: So tell me one of your moves.
Rachel: All right. So where'd you grow up?
Joey: That's your move? Boy, Rach, you're lucky you're hot.
Rachel: Come on, just answer the question.
Joey: Queens.
Rachel: And so, were you close to your parents?
Joey: Yeah. With my mom. Not so much my dad.
Rachel: Why not?
Joey: I don't know. I guess there's always been this distance. You know, I mean, we both try to pretend it's not there, but it is.
Rachel: It's gotta be rough.
Joey: Yeah, it's really tough. You know, sometimes I think- Wow! Nice move!
Rachel: Uh-huh.
Joey: "Where'd you grow up?" So simple.

Quote from Rachel

Rachel: Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna use the restroom. And now you're watching me walk away.
Joey: Yes, I am! Again, so simple.

Quote from Chandler

Chandler: You are not going to believe what I did today.
Monica: Well it clearly wasn't showering or shaving.
Chandler: I've gotten good. I played this game all day, and now I rule at it. They should change the name to "Ms. Chandler." Although, I hope they don't.

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