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Friends: The One Where Estelle Dies

1015. The One Where Estelle Dies

Aired April 22, 2004

With Joey feeling overwhelmed by the recent changes in his life, Phoebe decides not to tell him that his agent, Estelle, has passed away. When Chandler and Monica view the house next door to their new property, they are shocked by a potential buyer who could become their neighbor. Meanwhile, Ross goes to extreme lengths to keep Rachel from taking a job in Paris.

Quote from Chandler

Janice: What a small world!
Chandler: And yet I never run into Beyoncé.


Quote from Janice

Ellen: You two know each other?
Janice: Oh, we go way back. Before Monica made an honest man out of him, Chandler used to be my little love muffin. [laughs]

Quote from Ross

Ross: I don't know. I could talk to her boss. Yeah, I met him at that Christmas party. We really hit it off.
Monica: You mean the guy who kept calling you Ron?
Ross: I didn't say we were brothers!

Quote from Ross

Mr. Zelner: But I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do. Ah, it's not true, there is nothing I want to do.
Ross: I see. Thanks very much.
Mr. Zelner: Mm-hmm.
Ross: Is this your son?
Mr. Zelner: Yeah, his name is Ross. What?
Ross: Oh, nothing. It's just, it's close to Ron. Does he- Does little Ross like dinosaurs by any chance?
Mr. Zelner: Yeah, they're all he talks about, why?
Ross: How would he like to come with me to the Museum of Natural History after everyone else has left just the two of us, and he can touch anything he wants. I just heard it how you must have heard it and that's not good. Let me start again. I'm a paleontologist. You'll be there with us. And the touching refers only to bones- Fossils!

Quote from Chandler

Chandler: We still have three hours till escrow closes on our house. We can still get out.
Monica: But we love our house.
Chandler: Will we love it so much with her next door? And she's gonna be louder out here too. Just the crickets and "Oh, my God!"

Quote from Chandler

Chandler: This can not be happening.
Monica: Okay, the realtor said another couple made an offer. Maybe the Janices won't get it. Maybe the other couple will.
Chandler: The only way that that is going to happen is if the other couple are the Hitlers!

Quote from Chandler

Ross: Well, Rachel moving to another country? Not being able to see her every day. How can I be okay with this?
Monica: I know, but what are we gonna do? She really needs this job.
Ross: Do you think if the Ralph Lauren people offered her her old job back, she would take it?
Monica: How is that gonna happen?
Chandler: Is this the best way to use one of your three magic wishes?

Quote from Phoebe

Phoebe: Hey, isn't Joey's agent Estelle Leonard?
Chandler: Yeah.
Phoebe: She died.
Chandler: You're kidding.
Monica: That's terrible.
Phoebe: Yeah, last Saturday. Wow. She was the first black man to fly solo across the Atlantic. Oh, wait a minute, I read the wrong one.
Chandler: Oh yeah?
Phoebe: Yeah, she was just an agent.

Quote from Chandler

Monica: Joey's gonna be so upset.
Chandler: I know. He always wanted to be the first black man to cross the Atlantic.

Quote from Chandler

Phoebe: Well, we cannot tell Joey about this. He's already flipping out about everything that's changing. This will push him over the edge.
Monica: Seriously, you don't think we should tell him?
Phoebe: Well, not for a little while. Let's just give him a few days to get used to everything else.
Monica: What if he reads it in the paper?
Chandler: Unless Snoopy says it to Charlie Brown, I think we're okay.

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