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The One Where Eddie Won't Go

‘The One Where Eddie Won't Go’

Season 2, Episode 19 -  Aired March 28, 1996

Freaked out by his new roommate's behavior, Chandler demands Eddie move out the apartment. Following the death of his Days of our Lives character, Joey is uncomfortable auditioning for small parts despite needing the money. Meanwhile, Rachel, Phoebe and Monica are captivated by a new book on female empowerment.

Quote from Chandler

Chandler: Ding-dong, the psycho's gone!


Quote from Chandler

Chandler: May I help you?
Eddie: Why doesn't my key work, and what's my stuff doing downstairs?
Chandler: I'm sorry. Have we met?
Eddie: It's Eddie, you freak! Your roommate.
Chandler: Well, I'm sorry I already have a roommate.
Joey: Hello.
Chandler: He's lived here for years. I don't know what you're talking about, man.
Eddie: No, he moved out and I moved in.
Chandler: Well, I think we'd remember something like that.
Joey: I know I would.
Eddie: That's a good point. Okay, wow. I guess I got the wrong apartment. I'm terribly sorry.
Joey: Hey, no problem.
Chandler: See you. Goodbye, you fruit-drying psychopath.

Quote from Gunther

Joey: Hey, Gunther. Let me get a lemonade to go.
Gunther: Lemonade? You okay, man?
Joey: It's career stuff. I don't know if you heard but they killed off my character on the show.
Gunther: That's too bad. How'd they do it?
Joey: I fell down an elevator shaft.
Gunther: That sucks. I was buried in an avalanche.
Joey: What?
Gunther: I used to be Bryce on All My Children.

Quote from Chandler

[Monica looks at Chandler as he sleeps on her couch]
Chandler: Bah!
Monica: Argh.
Chandler: Why must everybody watch me sleep? There'll be no more watching me sleep! No more watching!
Monica: I wasn't-
Chandler: No!

Quote from Joey

Joey: [auditioning for a role as a cab driver] All the way to the airport, huh? You know, that's over 30 miles. That's gonna cost you about so bucks.
Casting Director: Excuse me, that's fifty bucks.
Joey: What?
Casting Director: Five-O dollars.

Quote from Chandler

Chandler: Hey, Eddie. What are you doing here?
Eddie: Nothing really. Just watching you sleep.
Chandler: Why?
Eddie: It makes me feel, um, peaceful. Please.
Chandler: I can't sleep now.
Eddie: You want me to sing?
Chandler: Look, that's it. It's over. I want you out of the apartment now.
Eddie: Whoa. What are you talking about, man?
Chandler: Hannibal Lecter? Better roommate than you.

Quote from Chandler

Eddie: Oh, see, now I don't think you're being fair. One night you see me and you get scared. I mean what about all the other nights when you don't see me? What about last night when you went and got some water and I was nice enough to hide behind the door. What's that about, huh?
Chandler: I didn't realize that. Get out now!
Eddie: You really want me out?
Chandler: Yes, please.
Eddie: Then I want to hear you say it. I want to hear you say you want me out.
Chandler: I want you out.
Eddie: No, no. I want to hear it from your lips.
Chandler: Where'd you hear it before?

Quote from Estelle

Estelle: Look, honey. People get fired left and right in this business. I already got you an audition for Another World.
Joey: All right. "Cab Driver Number 2"?
Estelle: You're welcome.
Joey: But I was Dr. Drake Ramoray. How can I go from being a neurosurgeon to driving a cab?
Estelle: Hey, there was a time when I used to play Pickle Tickle with Rick Harrison. Things change. Roll with them.
Joey: But this is a two-line part. It's like taking a step backwards. I'm not gonna do this.
Estelle: Joey. I'm gonna tell you the same thing I told Al Minza and his pyramid of dogs. Take any job you can get, and don't make on the floor.

Quote from Joey

Monica: For a guy who's recently lost his job, you're in a good mood.
Joey: Hey, I'll be all right. It's not like I'm starting from square one. I was Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days of our Lives. I mean that's got to have some kind of cachet.
Monica: Cachet? Jaunty?
Joey: Chandler gave me word-of-the-day toilet paper.

Quote from Phoebe

Monica: It's called Be Your Own Wind Keeper. It's about how women need to become more empowered.
Phoebe: But there's wind. And the wind can make us goddesses. Do you know who takes our wind? Men. They just take it.
Rachel: Men just take our wind?
Phoebe: Uh-huh, all the time. Because they are the lightning-bearers.

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