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The One in Vegas (Part 1)

‘The One in Vegas (Part 1)’

Season 5, Episode 23 -  Aired May 20, 1999

With Chandler hoping to make things up to Joey, he and Monica decide to visit Las Vegas for the one year anniversary of them hooking up. Phoebe, who missed out on the big London trip, decides to join them and invites Ross and Rachel, who can't travel for another day. Making the most of being alone in her apartment, Rachel takes Phoebe's advice and walks around naked, attracting Ross's attention.

Quote from Rachel

Stewardess: Can I help you?
Rachel: Yes, I'm sorry, miss. Do you have any extra pants? My friend seems to have had a little accident.


Quote from Joey

Joey: Hey, Pheebs. Listen, can you do me a favor? I forgot the PlN number to my ATM card. Can you get it for me?
Phoebe: Sure. Where is it?
Joey: Uh, I scratched it on the ATM machine on the corner.
Phoebe: Oh, so you're 5-6-3-9?
Joey: That's it! Thanks, Pheebs.

Quote from Phoebe

Monica: Okay, you can not tell Chandler. Okay, I ran into Richard.
Phoebe: Which Richard?
Monica: The Richard.
Phoebe: Richard Simmons? Oh, my God.
Monica: No, my ex-boyfriend Richard. You know, the tall guy, mustache.
Phoebe: Oh. Okay, that actually makes more sense.

Quote from Monica

Monica: It'll be perfect. You get to see Joey, plus, we get to start our anniversary celebration on the plane. We can call it our "Plane-aversary."
Chandler: Do we have to?

Quote from Chandler

Monica: Plus, we get to have our own "Anni-Vegas-ry"! "An-Nevada-versary!"
Chandler: Yeah, I think we should see other people.

Quote from Phoebe

Rachel: That'll be nice, actually, to have the apartment to myself for a night.
Phoebe: Oh, yeah, so you can walk around naked.
Rachel: No, so I can be by myself. You know, have a little alone time.
Phoebe: Naked alone time.
Rachel: No, Phoebe. Just because I'm alone doesn't mean I wanna walk around naked. I mean, you live alone, you don't walk around naked.
Phoebe: Uh-huh. Why do you think it takes me so long to answer the door?

Quote from Phoebe

Monica: It's okay, you can give it to me when we get back.
Chandler: No, this is the worst thing that could happen on our anniversary ever.
Phoebe: Oh, good. All right. You decided to tell him about the Richard thing.
Chandler: What "Richard thing"?
Phoebe: Oh, no.
Chandler: What "Richard thing"?
Phoebe: Simmons. Go with Simmons.

Quote from Chandler

[to Joey dressed as a gladiator]
Chandler: Love your condoms, my man.

Quote from Chandler

Monica: It meant nothing. After all this time, how can you not trust me?
Chandler: When you go lunching with hunky, mustache men and don't tell me about it.

Quote from Ross

Rachel: Ross, I think I'm just a more secure person than you are.
Ross: ls that so?
Rachel: Yeah.
Ross: Hey, lady. I don't care how much you want it, okay? I am not gonna have sex with you in the bathroom!

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