Regina Phalange, International Woman of Intrigue

Regina Phalange, International Woman of Intrigue

Regina Phalange, the alias of Phoebe Buffay.

Quote from Phoebe in The One with Rachel's Big Kiss

Melissa: Phoebe, were you ever in a sorority?
Phoebe: Of course. Yes, I was a, um... Thigh Mega Tampon.
Melissa: What one?
Phoebe: Yeah. You know, we were really huge, but then they had to shut us down when Regina Phalange died of alcohol poisoning.


Quote from Phoebe in The One with the Videotape

Monica: I still don't get why Greg and Jennie would give us a fake number.
Joey: You know, if they knew what they were doing, they didn't give you real names either.
Monica: Okay. Maybe people give out fake numbers, but they don't give out fake names.
Joey: Oh, yeah? Hi. Ken Adams. Nice to meet you.
Phoebe: Regina Phalange.

Quote from Phoebe in The Last One (Part Two)

Phoebe: Uh, Rach, hang on.
Ross: [mouths] No, no, no.
Rachel: Phoebe? Is everything okay?
Phoebe: Um, actually no. No, you have to get off the plane.
Rachel: What? Why?
Phoebe: I have this feeling that something's wrong with it. Something is wrong with the left phalange.

Quote from Chandler in The One with the Cooking Class

Phoebe: We'll just do our best, okay. So, let's say that I'm the interviewer and I'm meeting you for the first time.
Chandler: Okay.
Phoebe: Hi. Come on in. I'm Regina Phalange.
Chandler: Chandler Bing.
Phoebe: Oh, Bing. What an unusual name.
Chandler: Well, you should meet my Uncle Bada. I'll let myself out.

Quote from Rachel in The Last One (Part Two)

Rachel: Oh, honey, I'm sure there's nothing wrong with the plane. Alright, look, I have to go. I love you, and I will call you the minute I get to Paris.
Nervous Male Passenger: Um, what was that?
Rachel: Oh, that was just my crazy friend. She told me I should get off the plane, because she had a feeling that there was something wrong with the left phalange.
Nervous Male Passenger: Okay. Uh, that doesn't sound good.
Rachel: Oh, I wouldn't worry about it. She's always coming up with stuff like this, and you know what? She's almost never right.
Nervous Male Passenger: But she is sometimes?
Rachel: Well... Wait, what are you doing?
Nervous Male Passenger: Well, I can't take this plane now.
Stewardess: Excuse me, sir? Where are you going?
Nervous Male Passenger: I have to get off this plane, okay? Her friend has a feeling something's wrong with the left phalange.
Rachel: Could I get some peanuts?
Female Passenger: What's wrong with the plane?
Stewardess: There's nothing wrong with the plane.
Nervous Male Passenger: Yeah! The left phalange.
Stewardess: There is no phalange!
Nervous Male Passenger: Oh, my God. This plane doesn't even have a phalange.
Female Passenger: I'm not flying on it.
Stewardess: Ma'am, please sit down.
Male Passenger: What's going on?
Nervous Male Passenger: We're all getting off. There is no phalange!
Rachel: This is ridiculous. I - Yeah, okay.

Quote from Phoebe in The One Where Joey Speaks French

Phoebe: [in a French accent] Uh, excuse me? Uh, I am Regine Phalange. I was passing by when I heard this man speaking the regional dialect of my French town of ... Estée Lauder.
Casting Director: You really think this man is speaking French?
Phoebe: Ecoutez, je vais vous dire la vérité. C'est mon petit frère. Il est un peu retardé. Alors si vous pouviez jouer le jeu avec lui. [Listen, I'm going to tell you the truth. This is my little brother. He is a little retarded. So, if you could, just play along with him.]

Quote from Phoebe in The One After Ross Says Rachel

Andrea Waltham: Yes, Waltham lnteriors.
Phoebe: This is Ross Geller's personal physician, Dr. Phalange.
Andrea Waltham: Who?
Phoebe: Yeah, I discovered that Ross forgot to take his brain medicine. Now, without it, in the brain of Ross women's names are interchangeable. Through no fault of his own.
Andrea Waltham: Oh, my God. Phoebe.
Phoebe: No, not Phoebe. Dr. Phalange. Oh, no. You have it too!

Quote from Joey in The One in Vegas (Part 2)

Phoebe: Hello, my name is Regina Phalange. I'm a businesswoman in town on business. Would you like to see my card? Oh, what did I do with my Filofax? I must've left it in Conference Room B.
Randall: Fourteen.
Joey: Hit me.
Phoebe: Oh, my God. May I just say, that you two gentlemen have the exact same hands? They're identical. Now, I've never seen anything like that in the business world.
Randall: Stop it.
Joey: Miss Phalange, may I ask you a question as an impartial person at this table?
Randall: Please stop it.
Joey: Wouldn't you pay good money to see these identical hands showcased in some type of an entertainment venue?
Randall: If you leave now, I will chop off my hand and give it to you.

Quote from Phoebe in The One in Vegas (Part 2)

Security Guard: Didn't I just throw you out?
Phoebe: No, you threw out Phoebe. I'm Regina Phalange. Phalange.
Security Guard: Come on, lady.