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Quote from Chandler in The One with the Halloween Party

Chandler: Monica, can I talk to you for a second? Listen, I appreciate you getting me the costume.
Rachel: Oh, you did this to him?
Monica: What? I thought he'd love it. His favorite kids book was "The Velveteen Rabbit."
Chandler: The Velveteen Rabbit rabbit was brown and white.
Monica: Well it was either a pink bunny, or no bunny at all.
Chandler: No bunny at all. Always no bunny at all!


 ‘The One with the Halloween Party’ Quotes

Quote from Joey

Monica: Hey, Joey?
Joey: Yeah?
Monica: You read comic books, right?
Joey: Exclusively.
Monica: Who do you think would win in a fight, Catwoman or Supergirl?
Joey: Catwoman, hands down.
Monica: Yeah.
Joey: But between you and Phoebe? I'd have to give the edge to Phoebe.
Monica: What? Really?
Joey: Are you kidding? Phoebe lived on the street, okay? Plus, she's got this crazy temper. She's not standing right behind me, is she?
Monica: No, you're fine.

Quote from Ross

Monica: Hey, guys, guess what?
Ross: What?
Monica: I know it's last minute, but we've decided to have a Halloween party.
Phoebe: Oh, good.
Rachel: Great.
Monica: Yeah, and everyone has to wear costumes.
Joey: I can't make it.
Monica: Come on, it'll be fun.
Ross: Well, I'll be there. I mean, I have to wear a costume to all my classes that day anyway.
Rachel: Please tell me you're not gonna dress like a dinosaur.
Ross: Not two years in a row.

Quote from Joey

Joey: I'll come to the party, but I'm not dressing up.
Monica: You have to.
Joey: No way. Halloween is so stupid. Dressing up, pretending to be someone you're not.
Chandler: You're an actor.