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Quote from Phoebe in The One with the Engagement Picture

Phoebe: Hey, you guys, "Hums While He Pees" just asked me out.
Rachel: I thought that guy was married.
Phoebe: He is, but he's getting divorced. Ross, maybe you know him.


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Quote from Chandler

Rachel: Phoebe, if this guy's going through a divorce, is it such a good idea to start going out with him?
Ross: Hey, divorced men are not bad men.
Chandler: They have that on the napkins at the club.

Quote from Rachel

Rachel: That's great. So Joey must have really taught you some stuff.
Tag: A little. [to a woman] How you doin'?

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Quote from The One with Phoebe's Birthday Dinner

Rachel: Well, now that everybody has ordered, I would like to start the celebration and make a toast to Phoebe. She dropped her sock.
Phoebe: Aw. What?
Rachel: No. No, Emma dropped her sock.
Monica: Mom's here? I wanted to have lunch with her today. She told me she was out of town.
Rachel: Ross, she still has not noticed that the baby's sock is on the ground.
Phoebe: It's a good toast.
Rachel: Look, will you please get her attention?
Ross: Oh. Mommy? Mother. [mouths] Sock.
Phoebe: Oh, for God's sake. Judy, pick up the sock! Pick up the sock! Pick up the sock!

Quote from The One with Ross's Denial

Phoebe: [playing guitar and singing] I found you in my bed, How'd you wind up there? You are a mystery, Little black curly hair, Little black curly hair, Little black, little black, little black, Little black curly hair.