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Quote from Ross in The One with Chandler's Work Laugh

Ross: Hey, Gunther, could I have a scone? Want to hear some good news? Someone I know is getting married. Yeah, and weddings are happy occasions. Oh, and by the by, it's my ex-wife, Emily.
Chandler: Sorry, man.
Gunther: Here's your scone.
Ross: Oh, thanks, Gunther. [Ross smashes the scone on the coffee table] Stupid British snack food!


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Quote from Janice

Janice: Ross, you left your scarf in- Hey, you guys. [laughs]

Quote from Ross

Janice: Actually, I should get going.
Ross: You're sure? I can stay out as late as you want. I told you I'm on sabbatical from work?
Janice: Yes, yes. You did.
Ross: Oh, man!
Janice: What is wrong now?
Ross: This isn't what I ordered. Man! Can't anything go right in my life? First, my marriage falls apart, and then-
Janice: I know. I know. And then you lose your apartment, then you lose your job, then your ex-wife gets married so fast. And now the coffee. Argh! Ross, we need to talk.
Ross: Okay. Sometimes I feel-
Janice: No, no. I'm going to talk. I believe that the sun has set on our day in the sun.
Ross: What?
Janice: You're a very sweet person, Ross. Unfortunately, I just don't think I can take another second of you whining.
Ross: Let me make sure I'm hearing this right. You're ending this with me because I'm too whiny? So you're saying I've become so whiny that l annoy you, Janice.
Janice: Well, yeah!
Ross: Oh, my God!
Janice: Are you going to be okay?
Ross: I am now.

Quote from Janice

Janice: Okay, I know what you all are thinking, but Chandler is in Yemen! I'm a young woman. I have needs. I can't wait forever.
Rachel: Yeah, no, that's what I was thinking.