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Quote from Chandler in The One with the Kips

Monica: I'm really getting tired of always sneaking around.
Chandler: I know. Me too. Hey, you know what, what if we went away for the entire weekend? We'd have no interruptions and we could be naked the entire time.
Monica: All weekend? That's a whole lot of naked.
Chandler: Yeah, I could say I have a conference and you could say you have a chef thing.
Monica: Oh, I've always wanted to go to this culinary fair they have in Jersey.
Chandler: Ooh-hoo, okay. You know you're not, though.


‘The One with the Kips’ Quotes

Quote from Ross

Ross: Look, I'm the one who made the choice. I'm the one who's making things change. So I should be the one to, you know, step back.
Rachel: No, Ross.
Ross: No, no, it's okay. Really. There are plenty of people who just see their sisters at Thanksgiving, and just see their college roommates at reunions, and just see Joey at Burger King.

Quote from Phoebe

Monica: Sweetie, we heard you crying. Please don't cry.
Rachel: It's LaPooh!
Phoebe: I know, it's LaPooh right now but it'll get better.

Quote from Joey

Joey: Well, remember when they got in that big fight and broke up and we were stuck in here all night with no food or anything? Well, when Ross said "Rachel" at the wedding, I figured it was going to happen again. So I hid this in here.
Monica: Candy bars, crossword puzzles-
Phoebe: Ooh, "Mad Libs"! Mine!
Chandler: Condoms?
Joey: Hey, you don't know how long we're going to be in here. We may have to re-populate the Earth.
Chandler: And condoms are the way to do that?

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Quote from The One with the Prom Video

Joey: Some girl ate Monica.
Monica: Shut up. The camera adds ten pounds.
Chandler: Huh. So how many cameras are actually on you?

Quote from The One with the Prom Video

Joey: This is a little extra something for always being there for me.
Chandler: Wow, I don't know what to say. [after opening the box] Wow, I don't know what to say.
Joey: What do you say?
Chandler: I don't know. It's a bracelet.
Joey: Isn't it? And it's engraved, too. Check it out.
Chandler: "To my best bud."
Joey: Thanks, best bud. Put it on.
Chandler: Now? [putting it away in a drawer] No, I think something this nice should be saved for a special occasion.
Joey: No, that's the beauty part. It goes with everything. When you put this on, you're good to go. Oh, man. You are so wearing that bracelet.
Chandler: I so am.
Joey: Do you have any idea what this will do for your sex life?
Chandler: Well, it will probably slow it down at first, but once I get used to the extra weight, I'll be back on track.

Quote from The One with All the Rugby

Chandler: Janice. There you are. I had to have one last kiss. And also, you said you were going to leave after I got on the plane.
Janice: No. I want to see you take off.
Chandler: Well, then I guess I'm going to Yemen. I'm going to Yemen. [to an elderly woman in line] When we get to Yemen, can I stay with you?