Chandler Quote #852

Quote from Chandler in The One with the Invitation

Chandler: You know what, it seems like all of a sudden, so much is happening.
Joey: I know. Ross is getting married.
Chandler: Phoebe's making people.
Joey: Everybody's doing stuff.
Chandler: We just sit here. And if I died, the only way people would know I was here is by the ass print on this chair.


 ‘The One with the Invitation’ Quotes

Quote from Joey

Phoebe: I'm so jealous you're all going. I never knew you can't fly in your third trimester.
Chandler: I didn't.
Monica: I don't know that either.
Joey: I knew that. So didn't know that, but you should see your faces.

Quote from Ross

Emily: So, what did we decide? Does your uncle Nathan get an invite or not?
Ross: Oh, God. Nobody likes him. And he's so cheap. He'd never fly to London in a million years. Yeah, invite him.

Quote from Ross

Emily: More tea?
Ross: Yeah, sure.
Emily: Earl Grey?
Ross: Yeah, fine, invite whoever you want.