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Quote from Phoebe in The One with the Free Porn

Phoebe: Oh, God. I'm too pregnant for this lugging around a stupid massage table. I need to get a job where I carry a smaller table.
Chandler: Or a job where you don't carry a table.
Phoebe: You mean, like a doctor?


 ‘The One with the Free Porn’ Quotes

Quote from Joey

Mr. Treeger: [o.s.] Oh, man!
Joey: What's that?
Chandler: Treeger's snaking the shower drain.
Mr. Treeger: [o.s.] What in the name of hell?
Joey: Hey, maybe he found your flip-flop.

Quote from Phoebe

Doctor: Have we talked about the possibility of multiple births?
Phoebe: Why don't we just take care of this one and should l get pregnant again, I'll hold onto your card, okay?

Quote from Ross

Monica: Hey, cheer up. I mean, you're gonna see her again, right?
Ross: I don't know. Whenever I brought it up, she said [in a British accent] "This is so fantastic. Why do we have talk about the future? Let's just enjoy"-
Monica: Don't do the accent.