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Quote from Ross in The One with the Ultimate Fighting Competition

Monica: Pete? That guy's pretty huge.
Pete: Don't worry. Hoshi taught me to use my opponent's strength and weight against him.
Ross: Well, then that guy is in serious, serious trouble.


 ‘The One with the Ultimate Fighting Competition’ Quotes

Quote from Ross

Ross: This is ironic. Your last boyfriend, Richard, didn't want to have kids. And from the looks of it, now Pete can't.

Quote from Monica

Monica: Can we please go eat?
Ross: Yeah, what are we getting?
Monica: Anything but stew.

Quote from Phoebe

Rachel: So, come on, what was the big news Pete wanted to tell you, Mon? Or should I say, "Mrs. Monica Becker"?
Phoebe: Oh, keep your name. Don't take his name.
Monica: He didn't ask me to marry him.
Phoebe: Then definitely don't take his name.