Dr. Green Quote #3

Quote from Dr. Green in The One with the Two Parties

Ross: Hi, Dr. Green. So how's everything in the vascular surgery game?
Dr. Green: It's not a game, Ross. A woman died on my table today.
Ross: I'm sorry. See, that's the good thing about my job. All the dinosaurs on my table are already dead.


 ‘The One with the Two Parties’ Quotes

Quote from Dr. Green

Monica: Dr. Green. Oh, my God. It's Rachel's dad. Why are you here?
Dr. Green: What, the father can't stop by to see the daughter on her birthday?
Monica: No, no, the father can. But since I am the roommate, I can tell you she's not here. And I'll pass along the message. Okay? So bye-bye.
Dr. Green: Oh, you're having a party.
Monica: No, no, not a party. Just a surprise gathering of some people Rachel knows. This is Phoebe, Chandler and Joey.
Dr. Green: I'll never remember all that. So what's the deal? Rachel comes home, people pop out and yell stuff? Is that it?
Chandler: This isn't your first surprise party, is it, sir?

Quote from Chandler

Joey: Quick volleyball question.
Chandler: Volleyball?
Joey: Yeah, we set up a court in your room. You didn't really like that gray lamp, did you?
Chandler: Joey, a woman stuck her tongue down my throat. I'm not even listening to you.

Quote from Ross

Mrs. Green: Ross, whose glasses are those?
Ross: Mine.
Mrs. Green:You wear bifocals?
Ross: I have a condition, apparently, that I require two different sets of focals.
Mrs. Green: Do you know my husband has glasses just like that?
Rachel: Well, those are very popular frames.
Ross: Neil Sedaka wears them.